20 February 2012


Hi everyone,

As you might have noticed, there is now a button on the right entitled "Donate to IB Screwed." Clicking on this allows you to donate money for use with IB Screwed. There are no set amounts - you choose how much to send through. The purpose of this is to give a poor univeristy student some funds to continue buying textbooks to help me improve the IB Screwed notes. Any money donated will be immediately put to use getting resources from Amazon.

Please be as generous as you can. If you regularly use IB Screwed, kindly show your gratitude for all the hours of effort that went into these notes. It doesn't have to be much - every few dollars counts. The more you give, the more you will get back.

Thank you to all those who have given feedback and shared their notes in the past. Keep it up :)
- IB Screwed.


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