29 September 2010

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23 July 2010

Why are we here?

Hello everyone,

I thought I might take this opportunity to make it clear why I made this blog, along with all the others...

Basically, I was sick of spending hours browsing the internet and going through countless textbooks in order to make sure my notes covered everything. It seemed like there was no way I would ever get all the information I needed in my limited time, because no site nor book actually covered all of the syllabus points in sufficient detail and in a logical, understandable and well-presented fashion.

So, I realised that there are probably a load of other IBers out there in the same predicament. And thus IBscrewed was created. The point is that, together, we can get all the good notes in one place, so that all those hours of trawling through useless BS and irrelevant information will be eliminated, and we can actually have more time to study. While it is mainly my own notes here, I also want others to send me their notes, so that we can make a database of sorts, and make our lives that little bit easier.

Send in your notes!! ibscrewed4@gmail.com

12 June 2010


Hello to all IB students out there! This is the main "home" blog in the IBscrewed4 series. This is where you can look up which blogs are in existence for which subjects. If you find a subject missing, email me at ibscrewed4@gmail.com - I will add it ASAP. You will also find general information about the program here.

Good luck with your studies, and I hope that all this helps you in some way!!